Lemonade – The Funky New Coworking Space In Ahuntsic

1) Can you tell us a little bit more about Lemonade? Who is behind it?

Lemonade is a coworking and event hosting space. We give people the space and all the tools they need to work efficiently and the opportunity to connect with other members of the community. Paul Lizzi came up with the concept and worked with Marc, our investor. He named it based on the first entrepreneurial experience people have when they’re really young, selling lemonade on a mini stand. He also worked on the decor which resulted in the industrial modern and funky vibes we experience in the space today. It reflects well the image of Lemonade, we’re loud, we’re funky, we’re creative. And the swing set seats are a plus that help releave stress and back tension.

We have a strong focus on marketing and branding, we help our members with social media, advertising, branding, marketing, videography,  websites even. Grind Atelier, one of our members, is a branding company and they offer branding classes at Lemonade. Rev Communications is another one of our members which specializes in communication and public relations.

2) What types of services do you offer and what’s the price range? 

The open space desks can be booked for $250 per month. People can try Lemonade for a day for $20. The membership allows 24/7 access and it also includes access to the parking and the gym downstairs during opening hours. They can also use the mini kitchen for their lunch. We also have a sound proof conference room and a pergola area where they can watch TV.

3) What type of clientele do you normally work with? 

We work with startup companies, freelancers, independent workers and students who are coming out of university and are tired of coffee shop and home working sessions. As an example, we have Valegoo, Grind Atelier and Rev Communications among our members.

4) What types of events are normally organized at Lemonade?

We do a lot of workshops, networking, etc. We recently had a workshop with Paint to distress and they were painting with our members to help them distress. We also recently hosted a Montreal Startup Grind event, the one with Lennie Moreno from Sofdesk. We also host birthdays, regular and engagement parties, baby showers, photo shoots, etc.

5) Anything else you would like to share with us? 

We want to franchise the concept and open other Lemonades in NDG, Westmount and the Old Port and our investors have the keys and the locations to do it.


1350 La Mazurette crossing L’Acadie Boulevard, suite 224.


PS: There is a PME MTL (West-Center) in the same building

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Interview with FrontFundr – The Funders x Founders Platform

By Lamia Boucheneb

1) What is FrontFundr?

FrontFundr is an online investment platform. It’s the bridge between investors and startups looking for funding. It allows startups to reach a larger pool of funders which traditionally include angel investors, VCs, creditors, etc.) and extend the pool to the whole population through internet. Basically, we democratize investments to a larger pool of investors.

2) Can you tell us more about the founders and how they came up with the concept?

Sean Burke and Peter-Paul Van Hoeken founded FrontFundr. Peter-Paul was a banker in Amsterdam his hometown, which he left to move to Vancouver. His experience as a banker allowed him to work with diverse equity crowdfunding models and see the opportunities it generates. Sean built his experience around corporate tax and auditing at PWC and was even relocated to New-York to work with the world’s largest banks in the banking and capital markets sector. Together they saw an opportunity to help early stage companies leverage technology to make it efficient to open up the private investments to all Canadians.

3) What type of services do you offer?

We offer services to startups and older companies as well as investors. We screen companies through a due diligence process by making sure the company follows the regulations in place, auditing its financials and through risk assessment, ratio analysis, etc. and by providing an impartial opinion with regards to the legal and financial point of views to offer investors peace of mind to invest in the projects featured in the platform.

On the other hand, we help companies with communicating and marketing their funding campaign upstream before and during the campaign. We also help with all the technical stuff such as KYC, online payments, legal documentation and compliance,  investors signatures and certificates, administrative support, etc.

4) What type of clientele do you serve? Can anyone create a campaign on FrontFundr? Can anyone invest using FrontFundr? How does it work?

We work with incorporated early stage startups between 1 and 3 years old launching an MVP as well as older companies looking to expand and develop a new product, to rebrand or to launch a new project. If the target isn’t reached, the raised money is returned to investors as the feasibility of the project is in danger due to insufficient funding.

The minimal amount to invest is fixed by the startup or company and, therefore varies. They can also include with stocks product samples like it’s sometimes done on Kickstarter or Ulule. There are no fees to use the platform for investors. For exemple, Bougex, a social network that connects people to do sports activities together is currently raising $200.000. With a minimum of $500 you can become an owner of this Quebec company.

5) What makes FrontFundr unique? How do you compare to crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Ulule, etc.?

With FrontFundr, you invest in the startup or company, in its vision, values and mission rather than a purely financial investment. Also, it’s not a donation like it’s the case with Ulule or Kickstarter, it’s an investment, meaning that you can get earnings on your original shares paid price or a loss. So we are complementary to those other types of existing platforms.

6) What countries or cities do you operate in?

We currently operate in Canada, more specifically in Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

7) Anything else you would like to share with us?

We organize events oriented towards online and private financing. The latest was a Food For Brain which took place at WeWork in October and the next one will be a webinar.  It will be a great opportunity to learn more about raising capital online for your company/project and how FrontFundr works. Please come to join us and ask your questions on November 14th at 12:00.

Link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_HLSJsFsgScCTdkeN4loByA



For more information, feel free to contact Blandine Mille, customer success manager by email at blandine@frontfundr.com or by phone at (514) 500 8018.

Website Link: www.frontfundr.com


Photos courtesy of FrontFundr

Heard At Influence Mtl

By Lamia Boucheneb, Bilingual article.

I recently attended Influence Mtl and deep dived a bit more into the inspiring journeys of entrepreneurs and influencers such as Nicolas Duvernois, Daniele Henkel and Gary Vaynerchuck. I won’t hide that I am a big fan of Gary and that I was totally stoked by the news of him visiting Montreal. The main reason of my deep respect for him comes from the fact that he says things as they are and that he has remained authentic and humble through his many successes, respect Mr. Vaynerchuck! During the day, I had an entrepreneurial crush for Nicolas Duvernois who also shared his raw errors and experiences with a touch of humor. Henkel has awakened strong emotions in the conference room and even pulled a few tears from the audience. Here are the best entrepreneurial quotes from Gary Vaynaerchuck, Nicolas Duvernois and Daniele Henkel at Influence Mtl.

Nicolas Duvernois Influence Mtl


Nicolas Duvernois de Pure Vodka

“Il faut commencer quelque part, tu vas être nulle au début, mais tu vas t’améliorer, c’est comme pour les athlètes. Aucun d’entre eux ne gagne de médaille sans pratique, apprentissage et progression.” – Nicolas Duvernois de Pure Vodka

“Les entrepreneurs oublient souvent que le premier produit qu’ils vendent c’est eux-mêmes.” – Nicolas Duvernois de Pure Vodka. Il est temps  de revoir et d’investir dans notre branding personnel.

“Je veux encourager les jeunes entrepreneurs parce qu’ils se donnent à fonds et pour cette raison je veux sensibiliser les gens aux achats locaux.” – Nicolas Duvernois de Pure Vodka

“Je vois les autres entreprises ni comme des concurrents, ni comme des collaborateurs, je les vois comme d’autres entreprises. C’est comme dans les différentes étapes de nos vies où on était en concurrence pour trouver un ami, un emploi, etc.” – Nicolas Duvernois de Pure Vodka

“On a fait un sondage avec la Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montréal et une des choses qui en est ressortie est que la priorité numéro un des 18-40 ans est l’entrepreneuriat.” – Nicolas Duvernois de Pure Vodka

“Réussir tout seul c’est poche, aider les autres et réussir avec eux c’est merveilleux.” – Nicolas Duvernois de Pure Vodka. On comprends tout à fait, et c’est pour cette raison qu’on a développé YBCM Connect, pour attiser le feu interne des jeunes leaders et entrepreneurs d’aujourd’hui et de demain!

” J’essaie de répondre à tous les gens qui me posent des questions par courriel dans un délai raisonnable. Par contre, si tu vois que j’ai lu le message et me relance plusieurs fois en me demandant quand je vais répondre, tu vas retomber au bas de la liste.” – Nicolas Duvernois de Pure Vodka. Il faut comprendre la réalité des gens à qui on pose des questions, être patient et avant tout respectueux. Tout le monde n’a pas le même horaire, les mêmes priorités, ni le même rythme de vie!

“Il faut prendre le temps pour avoir une vie parce qu’un entrepreneur malheureux ne réussira rien.” – Nicolas Duvernois de Pure Vodka


Stevens Charles de LS Cream

“Pour grandir il faut savoir s’entourer. Il y a des gens dans la société qui ont les connaissances pour nous aider à passer à l’étape suivante de notre aventure entrepreneuriale et nous guider dans les structures qu’il faut implanter à mesure qu’on grandit. Par exemple, Adopte Inc. Dans l’oeil du Dragon, etc.” – Stevens Charles de LS Cream

“Il y a de la place pour tout le monde. Quand tu fais les choses de manière organique les choses vont arriver. Just be yourself et ça va sortir.” – Stevens Charles de LS Cream

“Fais essayer tes produits aux gens et observe leurs réactions sans dire que c’est tes produits pour avoir une rétroaction non biaisée.” – Stevens Charles de LS Cream. Stevens avait fait essayer pour la première fois sa crémasse à des étudiants de sa classe de HEC Montréal lors d’un party de fin de session en plaçant une bouteille parmi les autres bouteilles sans que personne ne s’en aperçoive et a observé les comportements des gens et leurs commentaires pour ensuite révéler son plan.

“Le plus grand challenge a été de montrer à la SAQ qu’il y a une demande réelle, même si on a gagné une médailles à Las Vegas pour notre produit. Si tu veux qu’un distributeur te prenne, tu dois lui montrer que ça fonctionne déjà.” – Stevens Charles de LS Cream. Remporter des concours et des médailles contribuent à ajouter de la légitimité et une certaine notoriété au produit certes, mais à la fin de la journée, les partenaires stratégiques veulent savoir s’il y a un marché potentiel ou non, ainsi que la taille de ce marché.

Daniele Henkel Influence Mtl

Daniele Henkel des Entreprises Danièle Hnekel

“Lorsque les gens ou quiconque sous-estiment vos rêves et prédisent vos pertes ou vous critiquent, rappellez-vous que c’est leur histoire qu’ils vous racontent pas la vôtre.” – Citation reprise par Daniel Henkel des Entreprises Daniele Hnekel

“Quand vous êtes dans la mer** jusqu’au cou, roulez-vous dedans, sentez-là, apprenez de ça et relevez vous plus fort.” – Daniele Henkel des Entreprises Danièle Hnekel

Gary Vaynerchuck Influence Mtl

Gary Vaynerchuck Influence Mtl

Gary Vaynaerchuck founder of Vayner Media

“While I am already winning the Instagram and social media game, I am already testing AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality), voice, podcast, Google home and Alexa’s skills for my brand. It’s an imperative strategy to be ahead of everybody to win in the 2018 world. Please get your sh** together and figure it out. There’s a way to do it: G O O G L E .com” – Gary Veynaerchuck founder of Vayner Media

“Everybody in this room will be consuming far more sound over the next decade, because of one very important insight, we are obsessed with time. Time is the number one asset for us besides health and money. When you’re brushing your teeth in the morning and Alexa is giving you the news, what’s on your calendar, etc. Or asking Alexa to book a meeting without taking out your phone or while you’re driving, that’s speed. How many of you listen to a podcast versus how many of you did that 5 years ago?” – Gary Veynaerchuck founder of Vayner Media

“Many of you stopped posting on LinkedIn when it was slow because you were lazy, but now you’re missing out on its improved algorithms. You have to stay consistent with your efforts on social media even when a platform gets a bit less popular. Same with instagram versus Snapchat, the insecure number of usage on Snapchat versus Instagram made you bail and engage less with the platform, you insecure f*** face. You gotta put in the work.” – Gary Veynaerchuck founder of Vayner Media

“Massive impatience that is being deployed in our sector is going to be the death row to 95% of this room. When you take short cuts, you start doing dumb shi*, when you start doing dumb shi*, it starts getting documented and then people say the truth behind your back and then you lose. The influencers that are going to succeed realize that fake it till you make it only works on losers. And they’re gonna think that they’re winning, but people who actually run shi*, are going to realize that they are losers and they’re gonna lose before they already started.” – Gary Veynaerchuck founder of Vayner Media

“If I could give what I feel right now to every 25 year old right now, you would be stunned at how young I feel at 44. If I gave it to you and you felt it, you would realize how much time you have, you would actually deploy real actions, you would fall in love with the process instead of the shi* that you want and you would realize how much time you have to actually pull it of.” – Gary Veynaerchuck founder of Vayner Media


Photo courtesy of Influence Mtl